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The metal plate was electrified to generate an electric field. Besides, a high-speed camera was used to capture the distorted shapes of each droplet.

In the wake of investigating droplets of various sizes and under different electric field strengths, scientists isolated the video frame just before each droplet burst. At that point, they outlined its critically stable shape and determined a few parameters, for example, the droplets volume, height, and range.

He plotted the information from every droplet and found, incredibly, that they all fell along a straight line.

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It suggested that there might be an overlooked, yet simple, way to calculate the burst criterion for the droplets. But as a droplet deforms, its height changes, and therefore the mathematical complexity of the problem is inherent in the height. The new formula that scientists derived applies to three cases previously analyzed separately: a droplet pinned on a surface, sliding on a surface, or free-floating in the air.

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Plugging any four of these parameters into the formula will calculate the fifth. Electrospraying is commonly used to aerosolize biomolecules from a solution so that they can pass through a spectrometer for detailed analysis.

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The technique is also used to produce thrust and propel satellites in space. The results are published today in the journal Physical Review Letters. Other co-authors of the study include A. John Hart, associate professor of mechanical engineering, and John Bush, professor of mathematics.

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Tech Explorist. Home Invention A droplet walks into an electric field.

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Electrified water droplets take on a variety of distorted shapes just before bursting, based on the strength of the electric field. The profiles of different distorted droplet shapes are shown, overlaid on an image of one particular distorted droplet for comparison.

Courtesy of the researchers. A droplet walks into an electric field. The goal of this program is to eventually produce single-aisle aircraft capable of carrying plus passengers. And as for that great leap toward an all-electric or hybrid-electric aircraft capable of carrying passengers? How Norway leads in the electrification of ferries and aviation.

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Glenn says the work Airbus is doing to transition the airline industry from fossil fuels to electric power is forcing them to go outside the traditional aviation sector. A reality he finds both interesting and inspiring:. Decarbonizing is only something that can be done by working with energy suppliers. We also need to work more with cities and airports to really bring this technology to life.

A droplet walks into an electric field …

He is responsible for all company-wide hybrid and electric-propulsion research focused on bringing zero-emission flight to reality. Check out his Speaker Profil: www. Lisbon Portugal April Simply enter your keyword and we will help you find what you need. What are you looking for? Innovation , Mobility , Tech. May

Walking On Electric Air Walking On Electric Air
Walking On Electric Air Walking On Electric Air
Walking On Electric Air Walking On Electric Air
Walking On Electric Air Walking On Electric Air
Walking On Electric Air Walking On Electric Air
Walking On Electric Air Walking On Electric Air

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