The Light in the Wound

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Jesse is a good guy, he just has his priorities wrong. Alex is a man that loves unconditionally. He's understanding, sexy, sweet and loves Issy like no one else. He starts out as a friend to her. He's there whenever things get tough.

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When things go wrong. He wants nothing more than to make her happy, see her loved and have her successful.

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He loves her so much that he'd give up everything just to be with her. He's the perfect definition of REAL love. A love that doesn't hurt, abuse, take for granted. A love that nurtures, treasures, adores and gives freely. Absolutely incredible and I just love him. Love's never easy. The heart can be a dangerous thing and it can lead you ways that can be truly destructive. As you grow and learn, you learn about different kinds of loves, friendships and relationships.

This is what this book is really about! Issy learns about unhealthy loves and healthy ones. She learns that with the right love the wounds that you carry can be healed. Love is a brilliant, strong and wonderful thing. Which love will Issy choose? Which love can Issy live without? This is the journey you take through the book. I loved each and every moment. Overall like I said. This is an unforgettable and gratifying read. I know this is something that I will carry with me for a long time to come.

A book I would go back and re-read. I loved it.

Rumi Quote: the wound is where the light enters you

Loved every angsty, torturous minute. View all 12 comments. Sep 05, Kellie Maddox-Ward rated it it was amazing. This story was so heart-breakingly beautiful that you will want to demolish the shit out of it! You will want to go back and read it again! I picked this up on Amazon without reading the blurb or any other reviews so everything about it was a surprise. I can't believe this was a debut novel! I absolutely adored it! If you are anything like me you will be hooked from the prologue.. This is the story of Isabel, her family life and mainly about her relationships with Jesse and Alex.

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  8. Isabel and Jesse have instant off the charts chemistry! They have a relationship for 7 years. They are each others everything! So what could go wrong? I hear you asking.. Jesse is insecure due to Isabels beauty and her wealth.

    The wound is the place where the light enters you. – Azomalli LLC

    All he wants is to be the best for Isabel, it's just that it will take time.. We see their relationship grow from friends to lovers over the years. Stating he is willing to do anything what will she do? Why can't you? Can't you see how much I love you? Choose me.

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    You'll have to read it find out! Ok so the storyline, the timeline, the characters everything about this book was awesome and I even liked the ending! I'm scared about a second book though As I said I liked the ending. I was happy with it GAH I don't know what will happen in a second book!! But I do know I will be there on release day waiting to find out! So go on give a debut author a chance I dare you too! View all 23 comments. Jul 23, Kirsty rated it it was amazing Shelves: read-in , favourites I can not believe that this is Christine Brae 's debut novel.

    Where have you been hiding? The writing was flawless. Right from the off I was engaged and I wanted to know everything. The prologue was so captivating that, when I started reading late at night, I found myself carrying on until my eyes couldn't take anymore! I'm now sat here writing my review, wondering how on earth I am going to possibly do it justice? For me, I find it the hardest writing a 5 star review that I loved so much.

    How do I find the words to give the book the credit it deserves? As I said, the prologue has you hooked. We then are in the present, with more clues and snippets in to Isabel's life, before we are taken back to where it all started - Isabel as a child. I can't recall reading a book where we are given so many important detail about the characters life. If you had told me this beforehand, I may have worried, "Would I be bored by all of the history?

    Every single piece of information told is vital. So important in the understanding of Isabel. I guess this book is a love triangle. Isabel is with, and had spent 7 years with Jesse, whom she believes is the love of her life. She has stood by him through thick and thin, given up her dreams when he asked, foregone certainly clothes and make up. You name it. All to please the love of her life. But what does she get in return? She loses herself. Slowly, piece by piece, we witness Isabel losing parts of herself, becoming a shell of the person she used to be.

    The Light in the Wound The Light in the Wound
    The Light in the Wound The Light in the Wound
    The Light in the Wound The Light in the Wound
    The Light in the Wound The Light in the Wound
    The Light in the Wound The Light in the Wound
    The Light in the Wound The Light in the Wound

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