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Near the general loation of the Cleft [3] Atrus built Tomahna. He had left some tools there, as he said in Revelation. After the destruction of Riven , debris like a Wahrk and the Temple Island telescope fell in the area near the Cleft, apparently falling tere through the Star Fissure.

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With the exception of Yeesha, the Cleft is abandoned, although there are signs of Ti'ana and Atrus' living there. Elias Zandi acquired the land around the Cleft, which in passed to his son Jeff Zandi. The Cleft contains small living areas powered by the windmill next to the Cleft as well as a Journey Door. Inside the living quarters, The Explorer finds a projector with a recording of Yeesha , explaining the Journey Cloths and asking the player to find them.

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After finding all seven of the Journey Cloths, s he can open the Journey Door, which leads to a cavern containing the Relto linking book. After returning to the projector and inputting the correct code, another projection of Yeesha appears and she offers a linking book to The Explorer. Upon touching it, s he is teleported to a rainy version of The Cleft, where Yeesha is waiting.

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Throughout the re-presentation of this prehistoric period piece and as the rewriting process goes along, the anonymous narrator shows increasing signs of anxiety about how the document might be received by readers. His sole aim being to restore the truth, he wishes to reveal that in the olden days, males were dominated and even persecuted by females. With so much unhappy history in our memories, and much of it preserved in the Official Memories, it was agre ed— this formulation always signals the smoothing over of disagreement—that as much as the inflammatory material as could be got together must be put in a safe place and made inaccessible to anyone but the trusted custodians.

Of whom I am—I was—one. What I am about to relate may be—must be—speculative, but it is solidly based on fact [.

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You may say that the account is not consistent. But we are talking about events so long ago, no one now can say how long. The babies were then suckled by a devoted doe. As it happened, this was the starting point for two separate communities which were bound to meet and reproduce. It induces three angles of approach to the novel: first, ontological or rather existential, second, symbolical, last, narrative. Indeed, the idea of cleavage hints at some primal self-division or alienation in the first place.

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They refuse change and are self-sufficient. They are set apart from the rest of the world in their ideal location.

Moreover, those unscrupulous creatures repeatedly give way to sectarian and even criminal behaviour as they throw male babies out of the Cleft. Doris Lessing has always been a novelist enthralled as much by ideas as people and, in her latest book, she more or less does away with people altogether. To be strictly accurate, her latest book is set among a race of pre-people, as they emerge fumblingly into what we might think of as people-hood.

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Pieced together by a Roman historian from ancient records that are themselves the compilation of different strands of oral testimony, The Cleft is the story of our earliest ancestors, a slow-moving, semi-aquatic race of females. Lessing claims that the book was inspired by a scientific article in which it was asserted that the basic and primal human stock was probably female. This, she says, coincided with her feelings that men might perhaps be 'a younger type, a junior variation. They seem to lack the solidity of women, who seem to be endowed with a natural harmony with the ways of the world Is Nature trying something out?

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  • The Cleft is an exploration of what a primitive, all-female world might have been like - inhabited by lazy, communal, porpoise-like creatures - and of the chaos that ensues when they start, unaccountably, giving birth to boys. Harold Bloom once accused Lessing of 'a crusade against male human beings' but she has always resisted the designation of feminist novelist on the grounds that she is as coolly unsentimental about women as she is about men and unafraid of political incorrectness.

    There will, no doubt, be some enthusiasts of the great monotheistic religions, for instance, in which male primacy seems to be a pretty key ingredient who will take a Bloom-like view of The Cleft as a kind of feminist tract.

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    But, in reality, this is a novel that appears to have no political allegiance, beyond a statement that women came first. She suggests that the capacity for cruelty and self-defence has as much potential to take hold of women as it does men. The Cleft, like other books by Lessing, is preoccupied with how women and men manage to live alongside each other.

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