The Articulate Conception

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The facilitator of the mapping process works with the initiator s i. A mapping process can have hundreds or even thousands of stakeholders participating, although we usually have a relatively small group of between 10 and 20 stakeholders involved. Second, the initiator works with the stakeholders to develop the focus for the project.

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For instance, the group might decide to focus on defining a program or treatment. Or, they might choose to map all of the outcomes they might expect to see as a result. Finally, the group decides on an appropriate schedule for the mapping. In the Generation Step the stakeholders develop a large set of statements that address the focus.

For instance, they might generate statements that describe all of the specific activities that will constitute a specific social program. Or, they might generate statements describing specific outcomes that might occur as a result of participating in a program. A wide variety of methods can be used to accomplish this including traditional brainstorming, brainwriting, nominal group techniques, focus groups, qualitative text analysis, and so on.

The group can generate up to statements in a concept mapping project. In the Structuring Step the participants do two things. First, each participant sorts the statements into piles of similar ones. Most times they do this by sorting a deck of cards that has one statement on each card. But they can also do this directly on a computer by dragging the statements into piles that they create. They can have as few or as many piles as they want. Each participant names each pile with a short descriptive label.

Second, each participant rates each of the statements on some scale. Usually the statements are rated on a 1-to-5 scale for their relative importance, where a 1 means the statement is relatively unimportant compared to all the rest, a 3 means that it is moderately important, and a 5 means that it is extremely important. The Representation Step is where the analysis is done -- this is the process of taking the sort and rating input and "representing" it in map form.

There are two major statistical analyses that are used. The first -- multidimensional scaling -- takes the sort data across all participants and develops the basic map where each statement is a point on the map and statements that were piled together by more people are closer to each other on the map. The second analysis -- cluster analysis -- takes the output of the multidimensional scaling the point map and partitions the map into groups of statements or ideas, into clusters. If the statements describe activities of a program, the clusters show how these can be grouped into logical groups of activities.

If the statements are specific outcomes, the clusters might be viewed as outcome constructs or concepts. In the fifth step -- the Interpretation Step -- the facilitator works with the stakeholder group to help them develop their own labels and interpretations for the various maps. The SWOT with the design school model is a convenient tool allowing a consultant drop into an organization, do a SWOT analysis, compile a strategy and move on.

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Research and popular press alike show that listed strengths are of uncertain value. The design school model would seem to apply best at the junction of a major shift for an organization, coming out of a period of changing circumstances and into one of stability. Of course, a clever new management might also wish to impose a better strategy for an organization whose circumstances have not changed. There is another context where the design school model might apply, and that is the new organization, since it must have a clear sense of direction in order to compete with its more established rivals or else position itself in a niche free of their direct influence.

This period of the initial conception of strategy is, of course, often the consequence of an entrepreneur with a vision, the person who created the organization in the first place. It was founded by Jeff Bezos in and began as an online bookstore, but due to its success, Amazon has diversified into other product lines and services such as groceries, electronics and Merchant Progra. Amazon is the 5th most admired company in the world. Amazon is one company that has adopted and implemented or made use of the design school approach to strategy formulation.

It conducted an internal appraisal of itself, and an external appraisal of threats and opportunities.

The design school model calls for both external and internal appraisals. An external appraisal helps an organization to understand threats and opportunities that are out there in the market. The internal assessment helps the organization to understand its strengths and weaknesses. Internal analysis provides a useful method to establish the relationship between Amazon.

The internal analysis can also help to identify the limitations within Amazon. Knowing, building, and fully leveraging strengths in the best manner possible is an important key to creating long-term competitive advantage. Amazon is a great, leading-edge company that has successfully developed and implemented compelling strategies. Despite the title, the model is simple to understand and can be highly effective.

It is the one used most by professors and consulting organizations. There are three simple tools that Amazon focuses on as part of its internal appraisal process. Amazon developed a value chain of itself to its internal environment so that it can operationally best add value and maintain a competitive advantage. The figure below indicates examples of how Amazon. Amazon developed a value chain of itself so internally it can operationally best add value and maintain a competitive advantage. Figure 1. The basic design school model.

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Figure 2. The resource based view of a firm suggests that the sustainable competitive advantage and superior performance of an organization are determined by its distinct capabilities, i. The resource based view helps an organization to determine where to invest in critical resources to have a competitive advantage. The more valuable and rare the right resources are in the right places, the more likely the firm may have a long-term advantage over its competition.

Therefore, in order for Amazon. The resource based view, therefore helps an organization to determine where to invest in critical resources to have a competitive advantage. A firm utilizes its resources and capabilities to create a competitive advantage. There are two types of competitive advantage:. Amazon successfully identified the right resources and developed its capabilities in key target areas. These investments resulted in:. Figure 3.

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Resource based view. Source: Authors construct. And, they continue to invest in initiatives that provide them a longer-term competitive advantage. The graph above, Figure 4 shows that net sales have been increasing year on year since In , we can see that the gap between net sales and cost of sales was the biggest it had ever been. This indicates that operations and the costs of generating revenue have been managed efficiently. However, despite the year on year increase in sales revenue, the net income Figure 5 trend shows that since , reported profit net income decreased.

Possible reasons for this trend are discussed below. Table 1 shows a net profit margin decreasing from 8. Such was the case until when the upward trend emerged once again; an indication that some form of recovery is on the horizon. Importance: Amazon.

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Payment of dividends to shareholders suffered as a result 0. Such factors will need to be considered when considering other strategic options. Gearing leads to in-. Figure 4.

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Revenue to cost of sales. Source: Amazon. Figure 5. Revenue and retained profit reviewed. Table 1. Figure 6. Such progress has continued into , with the company holding it the lowest amount of debt since Importance: New projects need to be financed and therefore the need to borrow external and the implications of doing so should be considered by Amazon. Nonetheless, Table 1 shows that interest cover has been increasing year on year. This ratio measures the ability to meet interest payments. Therefore, the figure of 8.

The external environment is referred to as the macro-environment. This includes the broad environmental factors which will affect organizations at various levels.

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It is important to consider the potential impact of the external factors on the individual organizations [31]. To do this, Amazon conducted the external analysis using the following analysis frameworks:. A PESTEL analysis is a framework or tool used by marketers to analyse and monitor themacro-environmental factors that have an impact on an organisation. The results are used to identify threats and weaknesses which are used in a SWOT analysis. Professional Academy [32]. An analysis of Amazon.

Political, economic, social, technological progress indicates an increasing and attractive market to be exploited by Amazon. The Chinese and Indian markets have shown exceptional growth. The use of internet as a social networking channel has created new opportunities to be exploited. Additionally, according to Stern et al. Table 2.

The Articulate Conception The Articulate Conception
The Articulate Conception The Articulate Conception
The Articulate Conception The Articulate Conception
The Articulate Conception The Articulate Conception
The Articulate Conception The Articulate Conception
The Articulate Conception The Articulate Conception
The Articulate Conception The Articulate Conception

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