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What they found, not surprisingly, is that the economic and environmental potential is substantial.

If sharing models could be operated under the most favourable conditions, savings of up to 7 percent of the household budget and 20 percent of waste could be achieved. They point out, however, that while the sharing economy may offer the promise of environmental sustainability, the realization of this potential depends on at least three conditions:. The quality of shared goods: Shared goods must be of good quality and have a long lifespan.

If a shared good wears out twice as fast due to more intense usage, it cannot be considered as a solution for reducing the demand on resources. Responsible transport: The sharing of goods involves transporting them to make these goods available to users.

Sharing is Caring: 4 Reasons To Focus on Facebook Shares (Instead of Likes)

While some peer-to-peer models are built around geographical proximity…others may be based on very long transport chains and their unsustainable impacts energy consumption, congestion, etc. Does eBay enable consumers to buy fewer new clothes?

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The point made here is that sharing models can be used for materialistic hyperconsumption or for a more frugal consumption, depending on conditions around sharing. Their contribution to the protection of the environment is related to several conditions that act as drivers to make the sharing economy as sustainable as possible. Your e-mail address will not be published. Add comment. Facebook Twitter Reddit Pinterest Email.

5 Reasons Why Knowledge Sharing is Good for Company Culture

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Sharing is good

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Sharing is Good Sharing is Good
Sharing is Good Sharing is Good
Sharing is Good Sharing is Good
Sharing is Good Sharing is Good
Sharing is Good Sharing is Good
Sharing is Good Sharing is Good
Sharing is Good Sharing is Good

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