Nightingale (The Sensitives, Book 2)

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When she is finally caught for her work as the Nightingale, the Nazis are convinced that a woman could not be the Nightingale, a belief that saves her life. A second important theme the novel introduces is how love changes during wartime. In addition to romantic love, the book portrays many other kinds of love.


The family love between Vianne and Isabelle, and between both sisters and their father, shows how war can make it difficult to express love. Lastly, The Nightingale raises challenging questions about complicity with evil. Vianne wrestles frequently with her tacit collaboration with the Nazi invaders, especially when she provides Beck with a list of Jewish and Communist teachers at her school.

Even though she reasons that Beck could have gotten the same information from anyone, Vianne feels a sense of guilt for allowing herself to be a cog in the Nazi war machine. Next Book Summary. Removing book from your Reading List will also remove any bookmarked pages associated with this title.

Nightingale (The Sensitives)

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One night, amid a great deal of sadness and frustration, Saya writes a story of her own to ease the sadness. When Papa sends her letter to a newspaper reporter, everything changes, and Saya learns the incredible power of words and stories. Danticat, who was born in Haiti, was separated from her parents until she was 12 years old and beautifully conveys a story about loss and grief and hope and joy. Danticat does not shy away from the realities—in direct, resonant prose, she tells about the loneliness of missing your mother, the trauma of saying goodbye at the immigration detention facility, and the effort that it takes to get your story heard.

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Occasional sprinkling of Kreyol Haitian Creole words in the dialogue make the story specific to Saya and other Haitians, but the larger issue of the plight of refugees and immigrants makes it universal. Children who know nothing about the immigration crisis in this country will have lots of questions after getting to know Saya and her family. Children of parents who are being detained will be comforted by knowing they are not the only ones facing this challenge and might even be inspired to take action the way Saya does.

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Nightingale (The Sensitives, Book 2) Nightingale (The Sensitives, Book 2)
Nightingale (The Sensitives, Book 2) Nightingale (The Sensitives, Book 2)
Nightingale (The Sensitives, Book 2) Nightingale (The Sensitives, Book 2)
Nightingale (The Sensitives, Book 2) Nightingale (The Sensitives, Book 2)
Nightingale (The Sensitives, Book 2) Nightingale (The Sensitives, Book 2)
Nightingale (The Sensitives, Book 2) Nightingale (The Sensitives, Book 2)

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