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He could reestablish the capital at Cuzco and run the defense of the province from there, if need be. It was a better location both tactically and strategically, which made it quite attractive to the viceroy. He turned away from the window, crossed the room and practically threw himself into a thickly padded chair in front of the fireplace. In the corner stood one of the pieces from the very collection that was causing him such vexing problems. The statue was life-size and cast entirely in gold.

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It showed the Virgin Mother kneeling with the infant Jesus clasped gently in her arms. Thankfully, his present position of viceroy of Peru allowed him to do pretty much whatever he wanted. Appropriating the statue from the cathedral had been one of his first acts as viceroy. For years the church had been gathering vast sums of treasure through donations from the rich and poor alike. Pulling a group of his own men off the line would quickly be noticed by the enemy.

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Once that happened, any attempt to move the treasure overland would more than likely be sniffed out and intercepted by the enemy. Everything from brigands to the weather could pose a threat, and there was more than one lonely stretch of road where they could be ambushed, their cargo stolen with no one the wiser. Travelers disappeared from those mountainous roads all the time, often never to be seen again. That left the sea.

The port of Callao was less than ten kilometers to the west.

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If he could get the treasure aboard a ship he could send it north, to his Spanish allies in Mexico, who would no doubt be happy to secure it for a reasonable fee until things had settled down enough here for him to reclaim it. Right now, the only ships in the harbor belonged to the French, English and Dutch.

For the right price, he might be able to persuade one of them to handle his cargo for him. He considered the ships he knew to be in port, reviewing what he knew about the captains of each. After some time, he came to a decision. Clapping his hands sharply twice, the viceroy summoned one of his servants. The viceroy went back to gazing out the window, searching the horizon for the storm that he knew was on its way.

De le Serna nodded his thanks, careful not to let his irritation show on his face. Of course it was a fine meal—he had one of the best cooks in all of Lima at his disposal, and the man had gone out of his way to prepare dishes the Englishman would enjoy. Thick steaks from the finest Peruvian cattle. She then earned a college scholarship and achieved a Masters in Archeology , concentrating on medieval and renaissance time periods, while also acquiring specialized knowledge in anthropology and art.

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  • She has written several scholarly as well as popular-scientific articles and books. She tries to bring a certain amount of factual material to the episodes she hosts, but the show's producer insists on a more sensationalist and speculative slant. This regularly frustrates her, but the salary and expense account involved allow her to travel freely, and she often puts her status as a minor celebrity to good use.

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    She resides in a loft in Brooklyn, New York. When Joan of Arc was burned at the stake for heresy, her sword was shattered by an English soldier, and the fragments were widely dispersed. However, Roux and Garin, two of the knights in her personal retinue, were cursed with immortality in order to be able to eventually track down and reassemble the artifact.

    Annja was present when this came to pass, and at her touch, the blade magically reformed, making her its new bearer. It cannot be taken from her against her will, and she has the power to remove it to and retrieve it from a supernatural location referred to as "the Otherwhere". This process works regardless of the Sword's current location, giving her the ability to, for example, use the weapon as a projectile and then immediately recall it to her hand. Roux is apparently in his sixties, but has actually been alive for more than five hundred years. The precise extent of his immortality has not been revealed, though one of the later books River of Nightmares shows that it is not merely longevity but imbues him with an ability to recover from wounds that outstrips even Annja's.

    He and Annja are in a mentor-protege relationship, however reluctant and long-distance. At the same time, he has his own agenda, such as tracking down a variety of other purportedly magical items for reasons ranging from simple personal ambition to the genuine desire to keep them out of hands that would use them for harm, and he is not above manipulating others, including Annja, to accomplish this.

    He resides in a castle-like mansion outside of Paris, France. Garin Braden was Roux's apprentice in Joan's day. Physically, he falls squarely into the "tall, dark, and handsome" category, and he has grown considerably wealthy and powerful, with a wide range of employees and resources at his beck and call. He is arrogant and ruthless, but also experiences and acts on the occasional selfless impulse. His relationships with both Roux and Annja are complicated. He was initially afraid that the reforming of the Sword would put an end to his longevity and consequently made several attempts to destroy or at least separate Annja and the artifact.

    This concern lessens over time, though, and he increasingly develops fondness of and respect for her. His feelings towards Roux appear to be a mix of deep-rooted attachment and resentment. Doug Morrell produces Chasing History's Monsters and is a stereotypical media personality - young, supremely self-involved, and with a staggering disregard for facts, especially when they threaten to get in the way of ratings. His relationship with Annja is sufficiently solid to survive the frequent disagreements this causes, though.

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    Magic Lantern (Rogue Angel, Book 36) Magic Lantern (Rogue Angel, Book 36)
    Magic Lantern (Rogue Angel, Book 36) Magic Lantern (Rogue Angel, Book 36)
    Magic Lantern (Rogue Angel, Book 36) Magic Lantern (Rogue Angel, Book 36)
    Magic Lantern (Rogue Angel, Book 36) Magic Lantern (Rogue Angel, Book 36)
    Magic Lantern (Rogue Angel, Book 36) Magic Lantern (Rogue Angel, Book 36)
    Magic Lantern (Rogue Angel, Book 36) Magic Lantern (Rogue Angel, Book 36)
    Magic Lantern (Rogue Angel, Book 36) Magic Lantern (Rogue Angel, Book 36)
    Magic Lantern (Rogue Angel, Book 36) Magic Lantern (Rogue Angel, Book 36)
    Magic Lantern (Rogue Angel, Book 36) Magic Lantern (Rogue Angel, Book 36)

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