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Retrieved Square Enix USA. Square Enix Music Online. Oricon in Japanese. Soundtrack Central. Final Fantasy Music Online. The Black Mages. Universal Music.

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Final Fantasy: Pray. NTT Publishing. Final Fantasy: Love Will Grow. Symphonic Odysseys. Archived PDF from the original on OverClocked ReMix. Final Fantasy series.

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Music Chocobo. Faris Scherwiz Music. Characters Celes Kefka Terra Music. Characters Squall Edea Music. Characters Garnet Vivi Music. Music Original version Heavensward Stormblood. You could get into an low-level fight and continuously attack and heal your own party, quickly raising important stats like defense, attack, magic, and more without risking any danger. This loophole turns Final Fantasy II into an easy game. Playing it now: You can download the mobile version for iOS and Android.

Westerners like me only know Final Fantasy III from the DS remake, which updated the graphics and tried to give the four playable characters more personality. Its story and characters felt generic, and the combat was basic. Final Fantasy III is one of the most forgettable. You can also buy that version on Steam , iOS , and Android. Sure, a lot of Final Fantasy seems dated, but it was about as epic as gaming could get back in You could create your own party of heroes, choosing from multiple classes like Warrior, Black Mage, Monk, and more.

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This amount of choice not only made creating your party fun, but gave you a decent excuse to replay the game and try a different composition. Playing it now: You can download the mobile version on iOS and Android.

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I remember there was an evil pope or something. It was also a linear game, disappointing fans who enjoyed the exploration and freedom that was a major part of the series. But, damn, that combat system really was fun. You needed a lot of strategy to keep your party alive. My heart may have been wounded, but I took comfort in how hard I could make it pump. My family was gone. Still, if I could catch up, run along beside them for a moment, close my eyes and hope, maybe I would find myself in a place where perhaps there would be another chance.

I was chasing hope. But hope was running faster than I could go. It was a few weeks into the routine that I began to notice her. At first she was just one of the stops my eyes made as they roamed around the room while I ran. Like the clock, the calorie counter, the aerobics class on the gym floor, she was a part of the scenery, except she was running just like me.

There was a simple perfection to her body — healthy without being overdone, effortlessly flaunting itself as she ran. It was the kind of body people go to the gym for. There was also an unusual intensity to her workout. It seemed to be about more than good health and a perfect body.

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She ran as if chasing something off to avoid being consumed by it. So we began dating.

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Nothing formal. We would meet several evenings a week for a workout. We had matching schedules, or perhaps it was more of a matching lack of commitments. We both appeared to be unattached, with lives empty enough to allow for this regular free time after work, nothing to rush home for. It seemed a good base for a beginning. She became the standard against which I measured myself. Who ran faster? Who ran longer? Who would be the first to slow? She always won, and that was all right. My challenge was to get a little closer with each try. It was a way of adding distance to my run, stamina to my workout, a dream for the rare nights I was able to sleep.

Men often approached her. Their conversations were out of range, but body language can speak volumes. Her pace would never slow, her focus never shift. The exchanges were brief, never initiated by her. She was not there to find a relationship or friends. There was something else. It was the mystery of that something else that nurtured my attraction. Was there a husband, boyfriend, ex-husband, ex-boyfriend, girlfriend?

Was it work?


What kind of work? A lawyer, doctor, commodities trader, therapist? Maybe it was health. Maybe she just liked to run. Whatever the case, a plan for a more formal relationship took shape in my mind. It was patterned on the Bo Peep theory: leave her alone and she will come. All it would take was patience. Patience may have been failing to bring Lisa and our daughter home from Florida. But as one hope receded, perhaps another could advance. That anything could develop between the woman at the gym and me was absurd, and I knew it.

She was the alpha woman of the exercise room, drawing the interest of nearly every man there.

Fantasy I
Fantasy I
Fantasy I
Fantasy I
Fantasy I
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