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The price remains constant but quantity increases by 50 percent. Result: The real value rises by 50 percent. The price rises 20 percent and quantity rises 25 percent.

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Result: After deflating the value to dollars, the real value rises 25 percent. Finally, a real-world example is in order. Column 2 shows nominal GDP. Column 3 is the price series.

One report said the football looked like 'a marshmallow' after it was removed from the game

Column 4 reindexes the price series to the first quarter of by dividing all price values by Column 5 puts the price index in decimal form. Chart 2 illustrates the point graphically. Real GDP growth appears more moderate because the calculation has separated out any pricing effects. The real measure is a better overall indication of the change in output over the sample time period.

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Increases in nominal values, such as the total dollars of retail sales, may arise from increases in prices or increases in quantities sold. Only an increase in quantity points to an improvement in economic well-being, so analysts need an effective way to determine the importance of these competing explanations. Converting nominal values to real values provides a consistent measure across time. Toggle navigation. Globalization Institute The Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas established the Globalization Institute in for the purpose of better understanding how the process of deepening economic integration between the countries of the world, or globalization, alters the environment in which U.

El Paso Houston San Antonio. Research DataBasics Toggle navigation. Economy U. But Some Economic Concepts Are Difficult to Measure Even though measuring any part of the economy creates certain logistical challenges, some concepts are simply harder to quantify than others. Table 1 provides three scenarios that show how to correct the data for price fluctuations.

Donald Trump ‘deflated assets to avoid taxes, inflated them to scam insurance’

Glossary at a Glance Deflator: A numeric pricing measure used to change nominal values into real values. When the Patriots lost to the Jets in Foxboro during the playoffs? Deflated footballs.

It was 30 degrees at kickoff. When Ray Rice and the Ravens ran all over the Patriots in the wild card round?

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Deflated footballs abounded. It was 20 degrees for that one. When the Chargers visited Gillette for the AFC title game, you can bet those balls were deflated. And when the Chargers came last weekend?

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It was 26 degrees outside. Deflated footballs all over the place. Walt Anderson was coincidentally the referee for that game on a degree evening in Foxboro.

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He likely misremembers, though. Remember the Blair Walsh game in Minnesota during the playoffs? That was likewise a frigid day in the Midwest, with temperatures at negative-6 for kickoff! So cold! Despite the fact that this phenomenon affected roughly half of all games in the history of the NFL, the league suddenly cared deeply about this matter in January of In doing so, the league was also announcing that yes, cold weather makes PSI levels in footballs drop.

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You might have to scrape those ones off the record books, folks, because they were played with deflated footballs. Two years after Tom Brady served a four-game suspension for the silliness that was the original Deflategate, the level of air pressure in NFL footballs is again in the news. The NFL has the Football and is investigating. I saw the FB after incompletion and it was like a marshmallow.

The NFL wasted little time responding, presumably because it's hard to imagine: a. Back in Dec. But there was no investigation, protracted or otherwise, because following Glazer's report, the league promptly issued this statement:. All footballs were in compliance and no formal complaint was filed by the Giants with our office. At the league meetings several weeks later, commissioner Roger Goodell was asked about the latest development in underinflated footballs.

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